Month: June 2014

Ciudad Esmeralda

On february VECINOS Films had the chance to work with Tritón Media in the shoot of “Ciudad Esmeralda” the last music video of Sindrome Moscow.

The idea came as a Breaking Bad tribute but with some added elements that build it´s own story.


“Ciudad Esmeralda” Sindrome Moscow
Director: Juan Tormo
DoP: Vecinos Films
Styling: Arturo Laso
Production: Tritón Media


Filmmaker Showreel

Quick summary of my work as filmmaker until february 2014.

Subtitles available in English and Spanish.

Music “Get Blown Away” by Ocen Colour Scene. Audio Mix by Santi Lopez.

I have used the words from a series of interviews about formation that I made while i was working for “Viajar & Estudiar” to describe my vision of my career and how I want to orient it.

The images are from videos that I filmed mostly in the past 3 years. This showreel collects interviews, video marketing content, corporate videos, music videos and timelapses.

About Formation

While I was working at Viajar y Estudiar I did a series of interviews about formation. How is it changing in this technological world and the importance of internationalization for learning.

We talked to Ville Keranen from Monkey Business (Finland) and he explained us his future vision of the work environment. Building organizations for humans to set the space for a better creative thinking.


Alfons Cornella founder of Infonomia and Co-society talks about how the youth of today has to carry their lives to where they want to be and how knowing their passions would help them in that road.


Erez Tocker is the Managing Director for the travel division of Kaplan. I traveled to London to interview him. He gave us a really practical vision of how to orient our career to reach our goals and a very interesting reflexion about how technology is changing education quicker than ever.


I filmed, edited and postproduced the three videos. Maria Carbonell was the interviewer and Bei Ortego designed all the graphics. These interviews inspired me to edit my Filmmaker Showreel.

Animating 2D

Last year we made this video to encourage the spanish youth to go studying abroad. We decided to make an animation video to become more close to our viewers thanks to a very friendly message.


My first experience animating 2D has been using After Effects. It´s amazing what you can achieve with a few expressions and the puppet tool. Maria Carbonell wrote the text and Beatriz Ortego designed all the vectors using Adobe Illustrator.