About me

I´m a filmmaker based in Valencia, Spain.

In 2009 I obtained my degree in Audiovisual Communication at CEU-UHC.

I took my first steps as a professional doing an internship at Vertigo Audiovisual working on the Tv show Selecció Natural. At this time I also had the opportunity to work as a freelance Assistant Director for Trivisión while  filming Tv commercials.

I trained After Effects with Jorge Mochón (Adobe Certified Instructor) and  then I discovered that VFX were the way I felt more comfortable to start in the film industry.

In 2011 I started working for Viajar y Estudiar in their marketing department. My duty was to create content for their youtube channel to endorse all social media campaigns. I´ve been there for almost three years and this approach to marketing has helped me to understand and gain experience in a new concept as is Inbound Marketing and find how this point of view can be applied to other areas of the filmmaking.

That same year I helped to create Videópatas and I was part of the crew for one year. It was exciting but also really time consuming and due to my job I couldn´t be part of the project for longer. Now they have moved to Madrid and everything is going great. Good luck guys!

During the last three years I have gained great experience working as a freelance editor, VFX supervisor and VFX composer in short films and music videos.

Now I have started my own production company called VECINOS FILMS with my friend and partner Jordi López Hidalgo. Our first jobs have been working with Tritón Media, Publips and Cuestion.

I´m seeking for job opportunities that allow me to enjoy while working in new projects and maybe I´ll be lucky enough to visit different places of the world thanks to those experiences.

This blog will be a way to show my work and share my experience in the projects I’m involved.

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