After Effects

Back to Direction

I’m glad to show my return to directing a music video. Royal Plastic and the Dj Lorenzo al Dino chosen me to Write and Direct the video for their new song Hypnotized.

It is the first project that we develop entirely at Vecinos Films. It was a small group of people filming during 2 day because of a limited budget. The post-production process took 15 exhausting days between the editing, VFX compositing and color grading.

I think that the result is amazing and Carolina Mateu looks gorgeous. It’s very accurate to what the client expected and to what its focus target demands. For the writing I decided to inspire in a movie that I like and talks about obsession: Steven Spielberg’s “close encounters”. I am glad that the video at the end was a humble homage to the film.

If you want to read the full credits of the production and watch some making of images follow this link.

Animating 2D

Last year we made this video to encourage the spanish youth to go studying abroad. We decided to make an animation video to become more close to our viewers thanks to a very friendly message.


My first experience animating 2D has been using After Effects. It´s amazing what you can achieve with a few expressions and the puppet tool. Maria Carbonell wrote the text and Beatriz Ortego designed all the vectors using Adobe Illustrator.