Working with the volunteers


Voluns is an organization that gives you the opportunity  to deep yourself in environmental and local community projects in the Valencia region.

I have been working with them since 2012 thanks to Viajar y Estudiar that gave me the chance to meet Bea, the person who is in charge of Voluns. Every summer I film their volunteer work performed in Valencia to help publicize the organization.

We now produce their videos on Vecinos Films and last piece in which we collaborate was a summary of all their activities. I think it’s a good opportunity to showcase the work we have been doing together. The edited words of the volunteers make a really inspiring speech. Don’t you think?

About Formation

While I was working at Viajar y Estudiar I did a series of interviews about formation. How is it changing in this technological world and the importance of internationalization for learning.

We talked to Ville Keranen from Monkey Business (Finland) and he explained us his future vision of the work environment. Building organizations for humans to set the space for a better creative thinking.


Alfons Cornella founder of Infonomia and Co-society talks about how the youth of today has to carry their lives to where they want to be and how knowing their passions would help them in that road.


Erez Tocker is the Managing Director for the travel division of Kaplan. I traveled to London to interview him. He gave us a really practical vision of how to orient our career to reach our goals and a very interesting reflexion about how technology is changing education quicker than ever.


I filmed, edited and postproduced the three videos. Maria Carbonell was the interviewer and Bei Ortego designed all the graphics. These interviews inspired me to edit my Filmmaker Showreel.